Our Team

Our staff is dedicated to bringing your project to life. We work hard  every day to prevent production failures and add value to our clients.

At MyCom Suppliers Monitoring failure is never an option. Our engineering professionals, experienced in overseeing and monitoring, guarantee our ability to succeed where other companies simply cannot. We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

MR. Samuel Mais


Mr. Mais established MyCom Suppliers Monitoring in 2003 with the goal of putting control into the hands of the buyer. Since 1998, Mr. Mais worked as a VP managing the importing and exporting of goods from Asia. He was responsible for both the development and procurement of goods manufactured in China. Very quickly he learned of the many endless frustrations of the import process; products that didn’t measure up to the required standards, false promises caused by differences in cultural communication, and incorrect shipments were enough to leave Mr. Mais saying “There must be a better way”. After successfully overcoming the challenging process of importation, Mr. Mais gained the reputation of being Israel’s leading importation expert. Today he serves as one of the directors of the Israeli chamber of commerce, specializing in the importing industry and production overseas.

MR. Assaf Cuzin

VP Operations

Assaf holds an engineering degree in Industrial Management, and a Masters of Business Management. He is in charge of operations system, and our biggest clients, managing their operations in Asia and bringing new innovation to their supply chain management process. His engineering skills have fostered new developments within industries and secured new patents for our clients. He always brings a wide range of ideas for any project he is a part of.

Assaf maintains an athletic lifestyle; he enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He believes that “In the game you must have control of the field in order to win. You have to know your team, how they perform, and how to execute each move with precise timing. When you can do this you can own the game and control the result. It’s works the same way in quality control.”

Dr. Yoseph Frum -

Engineering Director

Dr. Frum has more than 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, development of products and systems,process plants, machinery and business promotion. He has managed multi-million dollar projects in the oil and gas industry and a staff of more than 150 expert engineers from diverse cultural backgrounds. He has specialist skills in quality improvements and is an accredited instructor. Dr. Frum has more than 30 years of experience in quality management. He has also worked as a structural consultant for CERN in Geneva.

MR. Lior Fuchs

Engineering Team Leader

Lior holds an engineering degree in Practical Mechanics and a diploma in Quality Engineering. When Lior first began working at MyCom he knew much more about mechanical engineering then Quality Control. His expertise in how to calculate tolerances, geometrical dimensioning, and strengths of materials easily transferred into quality control He quickly fell in love with the world of quality. Lior truly appreciates that he is able to assure people that they will be fully satisfied when they make a purchase. His passion is for mechanical engineering, and in his spare time he designs 3D models of mechanical parts to learn more about how they work. Lior loves hiking and pets, especially his cat, Guinness. .

MR. Jesse Shiff

N. America Client Relations Manger

Jesse holds a degree in psychology. He is constantly researching and seeking new ways to bring innovation to the company. He works in many capacities in the office including marketing and editing but specializes in meeting the needs of our client base. He also works along with Revital as a senior coordinator of the China Import Mastery academic project. “I love my job, knowing that my team and I are building strong business relationships and being able to consistently meet the needs of the clients brings me daily fulfilment.” When not at work Jesse can be found in the kitchen creating new recipes, meditating, or working on his book.

Yoshi Dolev

Customer Relations Manager

Yoshi Dolev thrives on being able to meet any demands brought to him. His interpersonal skills are highly valued in the company and his attention to detail ensures that every demand from the client is met accurately and swiftly.
“I find it to be a young, friendly and interactive working environment.” In his free time he enjoys Photography.

Phone: 44 555 33 66

Vadim Gavrilov

Engineering Coordinator

Vadim Gavrilov, Engineering Coordinator Vadim holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He is one of our specification specialists in charge of quality control. He is fluent in Russian, Hebrew, and English. His passion for discovery leads him to always be learning more about how things work. He enjoys playing soccer in his spare time.

Sara Fink

Chief Accountant

Sara’s job at MyCom requires her to compile, analyse and prepare our financial records.

Sara enjoys spending time with her two children, and in her spare time she can be found with a book in hand or lounging with her cat Nemo. .

Phone: 44 555 33 66