Engineering consulting

Every overseas purchase project is prone to unexpected problems that can seriously inhibit or even interrupt work schedules. Such complications usually lead to extra costs (or direct money losses), delays and supply chain disruptions.

Being of unknown, foreign origin, such problems may be even hard to define or understand and, thus, very tricky to fix.

Experience, and common sense, suggests that prevention is always better than agonizing over elusive troubles in a far-away jurisdiction.

MyCom’s extra market advantage is thorough consulting base available to all our clients. With 15 years’ experience in all of the world’s main industrial markets, we know how to prevent such situations from arising.

Every purchase is approached individually, our engineers examine, analyze and fully vet all of the client’s specifications, technical drawings and work procedures to ensure smooth production, desired quality levels and consistency, materials, as well optimal time and price performance.

What we do:

  • Analyze all technical specifications and technical drawings, then vet out all inaccuracies and potentially toxic loopholes.
  • Advise on potential risks and way to minimize them.
  • Provide technical guidance and support at the technical drawing stage.
  • Screen the entire purchase for thorough, in-and-out troubleshooting.