Pre shipment inspection (PSI)

pre shipment inspactionPre-shipment inspection is performed when 80% to 100% of the production is completed. It is accomplished before the product is sent to the client, either at the supplier’s premises or at a shipping company’s warehouse.

Who it’s for: PSI is for any client who wants to ensure the quality and quantity of the product are up to standard. As a stand-alone service, this inspection is key for clients with a long-standing cooperation history with their suppliers.

How it works: At the final point of product inspection, a quality control inspector is dispatched to inspect the product before it is shipped.

Why it’s important: PSI is integral to supply chain management and an important and reliable quality control method for any remote purchase. This check minimizes the hazard of blindly receiving a shipment which may not match the order in size, quality, or function.


  • Assure that the whole shipment’s quality level meets your specifications.
  • The factory is paid only after the products are inspected and meet your specifications.
  • Full control of the shipping process.
  • Inspect the product to verify that it meets the required international and local standards in the country of destination.




  • We are reliable – 100% satisfaction guarantee. We fully believe in our products and services and guarantee full money back may you be dissatisfied.
  • We are fast - Your reports are supplied within 48 hours. Our team works quickly and efficiently to get you your reports as soon as they are compiled.
  • We are accurate - Specification sheets are written with your needs in mind. Our expert engineering team works to create custom specification sheets for your exact orders.
  • We offer personal approach - Our service is always fully customized. MyCom's work mode is friendly, approachable and client-oriented.
  • We are hands on - Your personal expert engineer will contact you within the first 24 hours of you contacting us and give you a free consultation.
  • We have a vast network - We work with qualified inspectors throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas to bring you quick and professional reports.
  • We guarantee complete authenticity - Our inspectors’ and engineers’ CV’s are always available for your approval, so that you can be sure of the quality of service you are receiving.
  • We believe in trust - We work under the theory that full transparency throughout the entire process is mandatory to client satisfaction.
  • We will always keep you updated and fully in the loop.
  • We believe in loyalty - We maintain our integrity by never working for a manufacturer or supplier. The client is our absolute priority. Always.