Supplier audits and inspections

When all of the procurement specifications are properly completed and all of the preliminary data collected and analyzed, it is crucial to determine whether the potential supplier is capable of manufacturing the product according to the customer’s requirements.

To minimize potential risks and ensure that the client gets quality product, on time and for the right price, MyCom creates a customized inspection plan and schedules an out-and-out test program.

Among other crucial points, MyCom’s complex control strategy scans the following criteria:

  • Does the supplier actually have the capacity to meet the client’s requirements in quality, quantity and timing?
  • Is the supplier’s manpower sufficient and adequately qualified for the job?
  • Projected price performance.
  • Supplier’s current financial strength and background check.
  • Where applicable, a close study of the supplier’s previous experience with similar products, case studies and references from relevant clients.
  • A study on the supplier’s general communication skills (in English and according to international standards).

Based on the above audits, MyCom’s specialists design a fully personalized road map specifying the desired system of procedures as well as all the pending inspections and laboratory tests for the entire duration of the contract – from pre-production to production, packaging, transportation and container loading.