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We believe that control must be in the hands of the buyer

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"In international trading the geographical and cultural distance lowers my control. If I could remove these limitations and control the processes in Asia closely, it would be amazing."

~ Y. Dolev, VP Technology Slick Ltd.



100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee full money back if you are dissatisfied.


Reports supplied within 48 hours.


Expert engineers build custom specification sheets for your exact orders.


We offer a friendly, approachable, customizable service.


An expert engineer will give you a first free consultation within 24 hours.


Qualified inspectors throughout Asia will send you quick and professional reports.


Our staff's CV’s are available for you to ensure quality of service.


Full transparency throughout is mandatory for client satisfaction.


MyCom Supplier Monitoring is a quality control company that services businesses during their production process in Asia. We place control in your hands, providing you peace of mind when you choose to manufacture and import from Asia.

Our staff is dedicated to bringing your project to life. Every day we are working hard to prevent production rejects and add value to our clients' needs. At MyCom Suppliers Monitoring failure is never an option. Our professional team is experienced in overseeing and monitoring, guaranteeing our ability to succeed where other companies simply cannot. We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

An interview with J. Moson Keter Plastic Ltd.
Q: What were your impressions from visiting your supplier in China?

Moson: Very low professionalism, not reliable. It is apparent that this supplier requires close supervision.

Q: Why and how did the need arise for hiring a third party quality control company?

Moson: Customer complaints were the sign that a professional inspection system was required.

Q: Is it possible to know what the percentage of rejects was before and after beginning to use the quality inspection company in China?

Moson: Before using the quality inspection company our internal quality control team rejected approximately 20% of the imported product parts from China. Afterwards it went down to less than 2%
~I. GigiMellanox
"During our visit to the supplier we saw that there was a lot of space for improvement both in the process and in the factories.

But our presence is limited and we had to find an on-site solution that would represent our requirements.

MyCom presented a way to have close supervision of the supplier, while responding to quality issues in real time.

The results were remarkable: from 25% of the product line being rejected, it went down to 5%-7%."

Our working process in 3 steps

All working processes begin in planning and end in results. In order to match your expectations we've developed an organized work model to best learn your needs. We then translate your requirements into professional reports.


Learning & Planning

First we will listen to your needs and requirements from the supplier and get to know the product. Then we'll build a precise inspection plan to meet your quality requirements.

Onsite Inspections

The best of inspectors will inspect your products exactly according to your specifications and according to the agreed inspection format. Availability for inspections is high and does not delay


You will receive a detailed report with results and recommendations within 48 hours of the inspection.

We believe that in international trading control must be in the hands of the buyer