Production monitoring (PM)

machine drilling mc bigDuring production monitoring, an inspector is consistently present at the factory in order to continuously supervise the manufacturing process and to make sure every aspect complies with the client’s specifications.

Who it’s for: This inspection is for clients who would like to have a consistent presence on the factory floor. It eliminates the necessity of placing an employee on site for extended periods of time.

How it’s done: This is a highly thorough and consistent inspection. It ensures that the supplier meets all his obligations and fulfills  all the conditions of the contract.

A MyCom expert engineer manages and closely supervises the inspection process, creating the specification according to the client’s needs. An inspector will be placed at the site as needed to oversee operations. Clients will receive regular reports at each stage.

Why it’s important: Production monitoring keeps control in your hands by keeping you closely involved in the process. Failures can be detected and repaired on-site. This inspection makes your decisions an important part of the process.


  • Gain complete control over production process.
  • Work closely with your suppliers.
  • Receive accurate updates as often as requested.
  • Verify that corrective actions by the supplier are properly implemented.



  • We are reliable – 100% satisfaction guarantee. We fully believe in our products and services and guarantee full money back may you be dissatisfied.
  • We are fast - Your reports are supplied within 48 hours. Our team works quickly and efficiently to get you your reports as soon as they are compiled.
  • We are accurate - Specification sheets are written with your needs in mind. Our expert engineering team works to create custom specification sheets for your exact orders.
  • We offer personal approach - Our service is always fully customized. MyCom's work mode is friendly, approachable and client-oriented.
  • We are hands on - Your personal expert engineer will contact you within the first 24 hours of you contacting us and give you a free consultation.
  • We have a vast network - We work with qualified inspectors throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas to bring you quick and professional reports.
  • We guarantee complete authenticity - Our inspectors’ and engineers’ CV’s are always available for your approval, so that you can be sure of the quality of service you are receiving.
  • We believe in trust - We work under the theory that full transparency throughout the entire process is mandatory to client satisfaction.
  • We will always keep you updated and fully in the loop.
  • We believe in loyalty - We maintain our integrity by never working for a manufacturer or supplier. The client is our absolute priority. Always.