In any organization, large or small, there is a need for specific procedures. Their goal, in part, is to raise organizational efficiency, minimize damage and increase safety. MyCom offers assistance in identifying and building production procedures to ensure full technical compliance, high engineering standards, safety and quality.

MyCom’s 15-year experience in the field and solid operative structure allow us to design an optimal production plan and to chart the most detailed and meticulous procedure guides and work instructions.

This method guarantees increased efficiency and security of the contracted job, while the actual manufacturing phase is fully facilitated by proper procedures and sufficient equipment and materials.

This work is done in close cooperation with the client and consists of the following steps:

  • Defining the exact parameters that need to be organized and aligned to a uniform procedure.
  • Professional assistance in choosing the optimal methods, directives and work procedures for your production, manufacturing, assembly or building.
  • Composing the bespoke work procedures for the client’s task at hand.
  • Designing interaction and communication methods to facilitate full compliance.