The cost of poor Quality

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The ” Cost of poor Quality” method for an organization con also be applied by an indevidual in order to achieve self-actualization.

Every indevidual strives for self – actualization,however ,due to the indevidual’s limited resource , the person must esteblish priorities for thier use.

The ” cost of poor Quality ” indicator for the individual , we will consider the numerator “I”,representing the individual’s financial incom.the denominator will be “W” (symbolizing resources spent on financial activities that do not contribute to attaining self- actualization.In other words ,any financial outlay which,according to the subjective opinion of the individual ,is considered wasted money.)

This indicator should be reviwed over a period of time ,as the equation approches 0,the amount self -actualization is improve.


An indevidual spends money in two manners:

Internal: when an individual spends money as a result of errors for which he/she is responsible.Even though the individual has no one else to blame ,this expenditure detracts from his/her ability to achieve self – actualization for two reasons:

  1. The failure or error lead to frustration and disppointment.
  2. The money expended is no longer available in order to facilitate the actualizion of what מלנוקס 1the person truly wanted to have actualized.


External :When an individual is required eo expend money due to pressure or an obligation which has forced upon him/her by an external element, for example: increased taxation ,property damage (including uninsured assets) as a result of acts of nature,etc.

It is also possible to depict te individual by a three-dimensional system, as was used to describe the organization.The ideal situation for the individual is when the internal Waste and the External Waste tend to 0,and the self-actualization is perfect.


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