When a Buyer prepares a Procurement Specification for a Chinese Manufacturer it is recommended that it will be ultra-specific. That it will include details like tools to be used, a list of probable defects. It is recommended that self explaining pictures will be attached as much as possible. For example : a road-sign that points

A Customer, operating a large petrochemical plant consumes Titanum-grade7 alloy tubes for his heat-exchangers. These tubes replace the used tubes that are out of order.Since these tubes are expensive (about USD 1,000,000 order) the Customer decided to order this for the first time from China. When a short-list of possible suppliers was identified, each one

Importers are frequently trying to source cheaper Suppliers for their products in Asia. Needless to say that there are plenty such Suppliers across China (particularly in textiles, domestic appliances. electronic gadgets, plastic goods, raw materials, etc.). The Internet is full of links and brand names of Chinese Suppliers, for almost any product on earth. Approaching

The cost of poor Quality

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The ” Cost of poor Quality” method for an organization con also be applied by an indevidual in order to achieve self-actualization. Every indevidual strives for self – actualization,however ,due to the indevidual’s limited resource , the person must esteblish priorities for thier use. The ” cost of poor Quality ” indicator for the individual