Procurement Specification for China

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When a Buyer prepares a Procurement Specification for a Chinese Manufacturer it is recommended that it will be ultra-specific. That it will include details like tools to be used, a list of probable defects. It is recommended that self explaining pictures will be attached as much as possible.

For example : a road-sign that points out the danger for car to roll downhill.
מהספר של יוסי

A thought should be given to everything that can go wrong.
Is’nt it overkill ? – NOT in CHINA (or elsewhere in the Far-East and similar countries). Once you decided to import from China, your wish is to receive Quality products (meaning : fulfilling all the requirements in the specification) and on time. Otherwise, you will be forced to turn to another Supplier. It is quite frequent that the Chinese Supplier will tell you in response to your requirements : Don‘t worry, we will do our best. If you are aware that the Chinese Supplier will be late in most of the cases, many of his products are rejects, and in addition he will pass on portions of the production to sub-contractors without letting you know, it is your duty to prevent it proactively. This means that you have to express your requirements rigidly and apply tight control on their fulfillment.


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